Dentistry In Phoenix

Dentistry In Phoenix

Dealing with dental issues when you’re not sure of what the cause is, can lead to further problems. The moment pain strikes, you’ll want to find the easiest and fastest remedy available. At the end of it all, make sure you see a dentist to get your issue sorted.

We at Bella Vista Dental Care are here to provide quality remedies to your dental problems. We’re well equipped and experienced to save you from the pain and ensure you receive proper treatment.

Home Remedies for Toothaches

A toothache can be a harrowing experience. When the pain strikes, it can be difficult to go on with your normal daily activities. If you’re at home and suffering from a toothache, there are remedies you can make to help alleviate the pain, and they are:

  • Salt Water Rinse – Salt is a natural disinfectant. When dissolved in water, it becomes a disinfecting rinse that can help loosen particles stuck between your teeth. It will also kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • Cold Compress – A cold compress has been known to relieve pain, and it also works for toothaches. Applying a cold compress causes constriction of blood vessels in the gums, lessening the intensity of the pain. It also helps reduce inflammation.
  • Garlic – Garlic has powerful anti-bacterial properties that cleanse your mouth, teeth, and gums. All you need to do is crush a clove into a paste then apply it to the affected area. It also relieves pain.

If symptoms persist, you should see a dentist right away. At Bella Vista Dental Care, we offer state-of-the-art dentistry in Phoenix. Using the latest techniques to treat dental problems and provide you with the best aftercare, you can rely on our long-term solutions.

Which Foods are Good for Your Dental Health?

Being mindful of what you eat can help you achieve great dental health. Foods which can keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy include:

  • Carrots – Eating raw carrots causes increased production of saliva because of their crunchiness and high level of fiber. Having a carrot or two after meals helps get rid of food particles in your mouth, reducing the risk of plaque and cavities.
  • Yogurt – For strong and healthy teeth, yogurt provides the required calcium and protein. Yogurt also has special bacteria known as probiotics that overrun the bacteria in your gums, rendering them harmless.
  • Greens – Leafy greens are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to oral health. The calcium, for instance, promotes the growth of teeth enamel.

Which Foods are Good When You’re Experiencing Dental Problems?

When you have an aching tooth, eating anything seems almost impossible. However, several foods are easy on your teeth and will not cause further irritation. Any dry foods should be taken with soup or broth. Also, your meals shouldn’t be spicy.

Do not eat hot food. Pureed, blended foods are also suitable. Smoothies and milkshakes will give you the required nutrients to speed up your recovery process without causing you more pain.

Reclaim Your Smile

Bella Vista Dental Care is one of the top-rated clinics specializing in dentistry in Phoenix. With an American Dental Association accreditation, you can trust our dentists to provide quality dental care and treatment. To start your journey towards the best dental health, contact us today on 888-757-8007 for new patients, and 480-598-5900 for existing patients.

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Best of 2013 - 1st Place

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