Advanced services meet quality tooth replacement for a healthy smile that you’ll love in Phoenix AZ

Quality tooth replacement for a healthy smile

Gaps in your smile can affect you in a variety of unexpected ways. Just like muscles atrophy or shrink when they’re not used, the jawbone loses density without routine, weight-bearing activity. Your jaw benefits from the stimulation it gets from tooth roots whenever teeth are used to chew or bite. Bone loss can become visible over time, as it alters the shape and structure of your facial features. The cheeks and lips that depend on bone for structure lose their fullness, and the nose and chin may appear more prominent – creating an aged and unbalanced profile. Tooth replacement services … Continue reading

Rebuild, replace your teeth comfortably and conveniently with restorative dentistry in Phoenix AZ

Dr. Bhatnagar offers inlays and onlays as a sound alternative to (potentially large) fillings and as a conservative alternative to full-coverage crowns.

BellaVista DentalCare is creating healthy and beautiful smiles for you and your family with conservative and gentle techniques, and convenient advanced technologies. Enjoy the benefits of restorative dentistry in Phoenix AZ– an improved smile and more comfortable chewing – without the hassle of earlier-generation techniques and treatments. A word on prevention Dr. Bhatnagar and her team provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. The need for restorative dentistry can be avoided with preventive services. Prevention largely includes routine dental visits at intervals recommended by your dentist. While they’re usually every six months, Dr. Bhatnagar or your Hygienist  may schedule more frequent … Continue reading

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Best of 2013 - 1st Place
Best of 2013 - 1st Place

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