Cosmetic treatments provide wonderful benefits! Transform your smile with dental services in Phoenix AZ

To create healthy and beautiful smiles for you and your family, Dr. Rashmi Bhatnagar and her team offer comprehensive, quality cosmetic dental services in Phoenix AZ. Your health is BellaVista DentalCare’s priority. We ensure patients’ mouths are decay- and disease-free before moving forward with elective cosmetic procedures. Our treatments offer a myriad of benefits. We put the “confidence” in smiles. There are also practical advantages; for example, patients may find their better-looking teeth are also easier to clean!

Elements of a great smile

We all know stunning smiles when we see them. And creating terrific smiles is our business. While personal preferences vary, our cosmetic procedures are designed to create:

  • Symmetry – The left side of our mouth should mirror the right. Asymmetry in the dental world presents as gaps, chips, overlaps, and other concerns that make teeth on one side of the face look different from their counterparts on the other side.
  • Attractive color – Young children whose oral health is great largely have white teeth that are free of stains. Over time the enamel that protects our teeth thins, revealing the yellow dentin layer underneath. In addition to wear and tear, years of consuming staining foods add up to very dark stains.
  • Smooth shape – Years of biting, chewing, and other functions result in chips and ragged edges, which alter teeth surfaces and contours. Acidic drinks and abrasive toothpastes erode enamel and wear down natural ridges, producing telltale signs such as an overly smooth texture and shiny, polished appearance.


How to get that great smile at BellaVista DentalCare

Treatments and BenefitsEvery patient is unique. All personalized treatment plans start with a thorough consultation. We’ll discuss smile concerns and encourage patients to bring photos of smiles that they like. Think about what makes that smile so attractive. We’ll resolve oral health-related challenges before moving forward with procedures. For example, dark spots or pits may be decay or cavities. Dr. Bhatnagar and her team use tooth-colored fillings. Composite resin looks indistinguishable from natural dentition and blends in with surrounding teeth. No obvious silver fillings here! More extensive decay requires crowns and, in some cases, tooth replacement. Today’s replacement teeth are designed just like real teeth and include porcelain bridges, and dental implants.  These replacements support everything from a single tooth to many teeth as part of an implant-retained denture.

These and other treatments may be combined to create a “smile makeover.” Our cosmetic dentistry procedures help you attain each of the above great smile features by doing the following:

  • Straightening – Patients across the age spectrum, including adults, love Invisalign. Lightweight, removable aligner trays are customized to gently reposition crooked teeth. These dental appliances are transparent so no one has to know you’re straightening. Because they’re removable, you can comfortably eat food and effectively brush and floss teeth throughout treatment. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers correct modest spacing issues, such as gaps between teeth.
  • Whitening – If you’re looking for a “fast fix,” opt for an in-office power whitening. In a single visit, your teeth can be whitened up to eight shades lighter. Zoom! whitening may also jumpstart the home option. Trays are filled with proven effective, yet safe, bleaching ingredients. These dental appliances are customized to fit your mouth’s unique specifications. They don’t irritate teeth and gums the way one-size-fits-all trays might. When worn as directed, these appliances evenly and gradually deliver active whiteners for natural, beautiful results. Versatile bonding and veneers cover up very dark stains or stubborn discoloration that doesn’t resolve with bleaching treatment. Bonding is considered an affordable option, but patients may find value in veneers’ stain-resistance and lasting durability.
  • Perfecting – Patients who are bothered by chips or the shape of their teeth may benefit from bonding or veneers, which use composite resin and porcelain respectively to cover up these and other dental concerns. For more extensive reshaping needs, porcelain crowns fit over prepared natural tooth structure like a “cap” fits over your head or a thimble fits over your finger.

You may be surprised by how cosmetic dentistry transforms your life. In addition to renewed self-confidence, our patients find it easier to clean between straighter teeth, which helps to avoid decay and gum disease over the longer term. When your teeth fit together better, you may have more headache-free days or less neck pain. To discover these treatments and benefits for yourself, call [phone] or [phone_ex].


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