Dentistry Phoenix Az

Dentistry Phoenix Az

Dentistry Phoenix Az

Dentistry Phoenix Az

There is more to oral care than just brushing your teeth. In addition to a proper home oral care routine, it is essential that you schedule regular checkups and professional cleaning with your dentist. Are you in search of a reputable dentist in Phoenix? We’ve got your back.

At Bella Vista Dental Care, we are renown for our dental services that range from general and cosmetic dentistry to family and restorative dentistry in Phoenix Az. Our practice focuses on hygiene and preventative care to avoid unnecessary dental procedures. We accept most insurance plans and finance our patients with low to no interest rates. To make our dental services affordable to everyone, we regularly offer our patients special offers.

What is the Best Toothbrush and Toothpaste to Use?

Toothbrushes with soft bristles are the best for oral and dental care. You can easily damage your teeth and gums by using a toothbrush that has medium or hard bristles. For effective cleaning, gently brush your teeth with soft pressure for at least two minutes twice daily.

Both manual and powered toothbrushes will clean your teeth effectively. However, manual brushes with angled bristles and mixed bristle heights will clean your teeth better than those with even bristles. Powered toothbrushes are ideal for people with physical disabilities or those who have trouble using their hands. Remember to replace your toothbrush after every three to four months. You can replace it sooner if the bristles are already bent or sprayed out.

Most kinds of toothpaste will effectively get rid of bacteria and acids from drinks or food. That said, dentists recommend the use of toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride strengthens and protects teeth from dental problems such as cavities. People who are sensitive to cold or hot drinks should use toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth.

Is Flossing Necessary?

Dental flossing is an important daily oral practice. While brushing your teeth, you might find it challenging to clean some areas, especially in between your teeth and under the gum line. Flossing is necessary to get rid of food and plaques in places that a toothbrush cannot reach. Otherwise, the plaque will harden into tartar, forming wedges that widen the spaces between your gums and teeth. Over time, the spaces will cause your gums to pull away, causing tooth loss.

Signs of Dental Issues

Due to various reasons, some people do not see a dentist until they get a nagging symptom. It can be tempting to ignore minor dental issues, which may eventually lead to even bigger problems. It’s advisable to visit a dentist as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

  • Bleeding After Flossing or Brushing

It is not normal to spit blood while brushing. This could be an early symptom of periodontal disease which affects tissues that hold teeth in place. If not treated, gum diseases can cause bone loss, which eventually leads to teeth loss.

  • Dry Mouth

A healthy mouth should produce enough saliva to neutralize acids and wash away food particles. Having a dry mouth can be a sign of illness. See a dentist to determine the cause of your dry mouth.

Best Dentist in Phoenix

At Bella Vista Dental Care, we offer quality services in dentistry in Phoenix AZ. To book an appointment, call us today on 888-757-8007 for new patients, and 480-598-5900 for existing patients.

Dentistry Phoenix Az
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Dentistry Phoenix Az


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