Phoenix, AZ dentist explains the importance of family dental care services for baby teeth and gums

A child’s smile is a beautiful, precious sight, which is one of the many reasons it’s important to take care of those baby teeth. Oral health and quality dental care services play an integral role in your child’s developing mouth. Unfortunately, many people think that it’s not as important to take care of baby teeth because they fall out. The truth is that baby teeth are important to the health of the gums and the emergence of healthy adult teeth. The dentists at Phoenix, AZ practice BellaVista DentalCare understand the importance of proper dental care for our youngest patients and how it sets the foundation for oral health. We offer comprehensive services to ensure that our young patients develop happy, healthy smiles for life.

Good oral health starts early

Even before your child’s first tooth emerges, you can begin taking steps to keep his or her mouth healthy and free of harmful bacteria. For infants, make sure to wipe down the gums with a clean, dampened wash cloth after feedings to clean the gums and be sure to never let a baby go to sleep with a bottle.

Once the first teeth begin to emerge, it is time to start brushing. Using a child’s toothpaste and a soft bristled infant brush, you can gently brush the teeth in the morning and evening to keep them clean. Children should visit the dentist after the emergence of their first tooth or by their first birthday, whichever comes first.

Establishing healthy habits will last for life

Learning proper oral hygiene habits of baby teeth will help children take care of their adult teeth for the rest of their lives. Children model their behavior after adults, so if you let your child see the emphasis you put on brushing and flossing your teeth everyday they will often be interested in doing the same. Consider establishing oral hygiene routines or make teeth brushing a family activity in the mornings and evenings.

When your child first begins expressing interest in brushing his or her own teeth it’s important to approve, and supervise. You can take a turn to do a follow-up brushing to ensure all the teeth were properly cleaned.


Tooth decay is still a serious problem in baby teeth

Tooth decay is still a serious problem in baby teethTooth decay can often lead to painful toothaches and infection that can cause problems for the gums and even the bone. We never want to see child patients who are in pain and we want them to look at the dentist’s office as a happy place. Helping your child learn the proper way to care for the teeth and making the dental experience fun allows us to prevent your child from experiencing pain and have a positive association with dental visits.

Family dental services for children by age group

Children 0 – 2 years – During these first few visits, we mainly want to monitor the mouth as teeth begin to emerge and have children become comfortable in our office. We’ll work with parents on the proper way to care for their child’s mouth and will discuss any potential problems that we have identified in the exam.

Children 2- 8 years – As your child transitions into six month dental visits we will continue to perform oral exams, professional cleanings, and re-emphasizing the importance of oral care. At around 3- 4 years old we will start taking x-rays and continue to monitor dental development.

Children 8 years and up In addition to the routine of six-month dental visits, we may recommend an orthodontic evaluation around age 8. While to many parents this may seem younger than it used to be, it’s for good reason. By starting orthodontic monitoring and treatment early, we can better identify the cause of crooked teeth and correct them more effectively.

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