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Gorgeous Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix

Cosmetic dentistry gives you the power to personalize your smile. If you have lived with broken, discolored, or crooked teeth, our cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile and fill you with confidence in the following situations:

  • Dating
  • Getting promoted
  • Moving to a new area
  • A special occasion, like a family reunion or a wedding
  • Posting on Tik Tok, Facebook, or Instagram

We specialize in making your teeth look amazing so you can smile more!

We utilize teeth straightening, whitening, and changing the shape of teeth to create an ideal smile. Contact Phoenix’s BellaVista DentalCare now for a comfortable appointment with Dr. Bhatnagar.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is a Great Solution

How many years have you been unhappy with the look of your teeth? Maybe you wish they were whiter when you smile, or when you notice your smile in pictures of yourself. Are you uncomfortable when you are eating, brushing, or flossing due to the crowding of your teeth?

If your teeth have been damaged, broken, cracked, or chipped—they might look very out of place in your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry may be the right solution for you by providing the following benefits:

  • Improved confidence in social situations
  • The ability to make a better first impression
  • Better overall mood because of the uncontrollable
    urge to smile

Why Choose BellaVista DentalCare for Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Bhatnagar is a perfectionist. She has taken hours of continued education to produce results that will last. Dr. Bhatnagar has been voted by her peers several years in a row as Top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix.

The BellaVista team is trained to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in until your treatment is complete and you are ready to smile more.

When you receive your cosmetic dentistry treatment at BellaVista DentalCare, you can expect exceptional results in total comfort with a fabulous dental team you can trust. When you come to our office for cosmetic dentistry, you will feel the higher level of our practice immediately.

Get a Beautiful Smile at an Affordable Price and Convenient Location. Schedule Now!

At BellaVista DentalCare, you can get the gorgeous smile you want without breaking the bank or spending hours at the dentist. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign clear braces! Schedule your consultation today.

BellaVista DentalCare’s Cosmetic Dentistry Specialities

BellaVista DentalCare’s Cosmetic Dentistry Specialities

Smile Makeover

Are you ready for a smile makeover? If your teeth are damaged, discolored, or missing, a full mouth restoration will give you a new smile.

Your smile makeover begins with a relaxed consultation. Dr. Bhatnagar will ask questions to understand your concerns and how you would like your smile to look.

Dr. Bhatnagar will discuss treatment options, expected results, cost, recovery period, and more. Together, you and Dr. Bhatnagar will design a treatment plan for you. Each smile is different, and she will create options to give you the smile you desire.

Teeth Whitening

We want our teeth whitening options to be available to all our patients, regardless of their schedules. We currently offer three types of teeth whitening:

  • An at-home system
  • An in-office system
  • A combination of both at-home and in-office

Our team will help you choose which whitening system is suited for your teeth. Our teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by 2–8 shades during each treatment, giving you a beautiful, shiny smile and the self-esteem that comes with it. We want you to be comfortable during your tooth-whitening experience.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin ceramic shells that mask many appearance problems including chips, cracks, spacing, minor misalignment, and discoloration. Symmetry is beauty, and veneers provide symmetry. Veneers look and feel completely natural, making your smile spectacularly beautiful.

Our veneers unify your smile, get rid of blemishes, and provide a look that brings confidence whenever you smile. Veneers are great for fixing:

  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Awkward spacing between your teeth

Dr. Bhatnagar’s goal is to create perfection for you to want to smile more.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is an economical solution to disguise:

  • Gaps
  • Wear
  • Enamel flaws
  • A chipped tooth
  • A tooth with stubborn discoloration

Our dental bonding process will repair a wide range of damage to your teeth by filling in and concealing flaws. Whether you have experienced a chipped tooth or have dealt with a gap between your teeth, our dental bonding process can restore your smile to its natural beauty with comfortable, tooth-colored materials.

Dr. Bhatnagar is known for her artistic work and precision with dental bonding.

Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, implants may be the perfect option for you. A dental implant is an ingenious technology to give you a new tooth!

Each dental implant is a titanium root-shaped post that is naturally integrated into your jawbone just like a natural tooth root. An abutment and crown are then placed on the titanium root to create a custom tooth.

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced by an implant-supported bridge or denture to replace the wide space.

The result is a complete, beautiful, and unique smile.

All-Ceramic Dental Crowns

A crown is a tight-fitting cap that is placed over your tooth, where it looks and functions just like your natural teeth.

If you have cracked a tooth or experienced a severe cavity, these beautiful crowns improve the appearance of your tooth, allow proper tooth function, and protect teeth from infection and further damage.

We design each customized crown out of high-quality ceramic. Your crown will be the right shape and color to fit into the rest of your smile beautifully. Plus, your crown material will reflect light just like a natural tooth.

Aesthetic Restoration

BellaVista DentalCare offers metal and mercury-free dentistry. If you have previous fillings or dental implants made of metal, we can replace them with natural-looking composite fillings that look great and are much better for your health.

This is a simple way to improve the look of your smile. Get rid of those metallic blotches and complete your teeth with all natural-colored fillings.

If you do not have metal fillings but do have cavities that need to be filled, we will fill them with cosmetic fillings the first time.

Gum Contouring

While lots of cosmetic dentistry focuses on teeth, BellaVista DentalCare knows that helping you regain your beautiful smile includes more than just the teeth themselves. Your gums also have a huge impact on how your smile looks.

You might benefit from gum contouring if you have…

  • An uneven gumline
  • Teeth that appear small
  • A "gummy" smile

During this procedure, the dentist will numb your gums, remove excess gum tissue, and reshape your gums. It generally takes around an hour, and thanks to laser technology, is more comfortable than ever.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Why not look good while you get a straighter smile? Our effective, quick-acting Invisalign aligners are transparent, so you can straighten your teeth without the eye-catching metal of standard braces.

These comfortable aligners are removable, so you can eat normally and keep your teeth sparkling clean without having to brush and floss around the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces.

Your clear appliances can straighten your teeth; fix an underbite, overbite, or crossbite; close gaps between teeth; and even rotate an individual tooth.


When you think of the dentist, you might not think of Botox, but BellaVista DentalCare offers Botox for a variety of aesthetic concerns as well as dental issues.

Botox can be used to treat…

  • Jaw pain
  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • Facial aesthetic concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, or crow’s feet

Getting Botox from a dentist gives you the advantage of a dentist’s knowledge of facial musculature. If you are worried about wrinkles, lines, or crow’s feet, schedule your Botox appointment at BellaVista DentalCare today!

How Affordable Are the Typical Cosmetic Treatments?

Your out-of-pocket costs will vary based on what your insurance covers, what payment options you use, and the variations of treatments you need. BellaVista DentalCare offers financing at low interest or even no interest to make treatment accessible for everyone.

Teeth Whitening

BellaVista DentalCare offers in-office teeth whitening, at-home kits, and treatment options that combine the two. The price of your teeth whitening will depend on the treatment you choose as well as the number of appointments you need to achieve your desired whiteness.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin shells made of porcelain that fit over your teeth, giving you a beautifully-shaped and white smile. Veneers are a great investment. With proper care, porcelain veneers can last up to fifteen years, or even for the rest of your life.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding describes a procedure in which the dentist fills in chips and re-shapes your teeth using a special resin that matches your tooth color. The price of dental bonding varies based on how much bonding your teeth need. Dental bonding is fairly affordable for most.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be very important to your overall oral health. Missing teeth can cause a variety of other dental problems. If you have dental insurance, it will often cover the cost of dental implants, since replacing missing teeth is so vital to your oral health.

Aesthetic Restoration

Aesthetic restoration can be expensive since it requires multiple different treatments. The total cost depends on the number of procedures you need as well as the type of procedures—dental implants, for example, cost more than teeth whitening.

Gum Contouring

There are a few different types of gum contouring, including contouring done by laser and contouring done through surgery. Depending on the type that is right for you, the price will vary. The price also depends on the amount of contouring that needs to be done; small fixes will be less expensive.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign treatment uses clear aligners to correct a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. Such corrections are important for your overall oral health, so your dental insurance will often cover the cost of Invisalign. Our special Invisalign discount is just $3995!


Botox for dentistry can help prevent teeth grinding and clenching as well as improve the aesthetics of your face. Botox is a very affordable procedure, but the cost will vary based on the extent of the treatment and the number of injections you need.

Frequently-Asked Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

While many dentists have to outsource certain treatments, BellaVista DentalCare does not. You can get the treatment you need right here in Phoenix.

We take pride in keeping you comfortable and relaxed in our office, starting with comfortable couches in the waiting room and a friendly front office team. Dr. Bhatnagar is known for creating genuine relationships with patients based on listening and caring. She will answer any fears or concerns you have. Her priority is creating long-lasting beautiful results.

Many patients are nervous about dental treatment, and your comfort is our top priority at BellaVista DentalCare. Patients typically feel minimal discomfort during their procedures—cosmetic treatments and techniques are designed to be as gentle as possible. However, dental anxiety often has nothing to do with pain and is more related to nerves.

We can provide you with sedation dentistry so that you can be comfortable and relaxed while getting your new, beautiful smile. This can make dental care accessible to more patients.

The time needed for a cosmetic dental treatment varies on the treatment. Some treatments take only one quick appointment, while others will require a few different stages to see the best results. For example, porcelain veneers or dental crowns typically take a single appointment, while dental implants or Invisalign clear braces will take longer.

For information about how long a specific treatment will take, you can contact BellaVista DentalCare—we would be happy to provide you with more information!

Cosmetic dentistry improves your appearance, but it is not all about looks. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can improve your overall oral health. Such treatments are designed to preserve and protect your teeth. They enhance your health as much as your appearance.

For example, replacing missing teeth with dental implants or bridges prevents your other teeth from moving or decaying and preserves the strength of your jaw bones. Many cosmetic dentistry treatments, like dental crowns or Invisalign clear braces, also come with health benefits.

Your dental insurance will often cover part or all of cosmetic dentistry treatments if your treatments are necessary to your oral health. And cosmetic dentistry often has health benefits.

However, if your insurance will not cover your desired treatment, or you do not have dental insurance, you have multiple financing options. Do not forego confidence-boosting treatments due to cost. There are a variety of treatments that come with long-term, interest-free, and fee-free payment plans. Contact BellaVista DentalCare for more details.

Ready to Schedule Your New Smile?

Dr. Bhatnagar wants to get to know you personally and give you thorough, compassionate care. The BellaVista DentalCare team cares about your success. From the moment you walk through our door, you will be treated like a welcome friend. Schedule a cosmetic appointment now.